Motor removal & installation

Motor Removal
Removal of your motor by Bradleys’ expert technicians quickly identifies procedures to be performed to extend the life of your motor. Our technicians will:
  • Perform preliminary installation checks
  • Create diagrams of main lead, heater, bearing & winding temperature devices
  • Evaluate the environment & conditions in which the motor operates
  • Suggest recommendations to expand the life of the motor
  • Locate any deficiencies that may need repair prior to installation of the refurbished motor
  • Check run outs & lift checks on the driven equipment
  • Examine clearance on motor mounting bolts to ensure smoother installation
  • Inspect mounting base to determine machine work needs
  • Visually inspect foundation of motor base for cracks or distortion
  • Inspect coupling & bolt condition
  • List any parts to be ordered for installation
  • Consult with you on all abnormalities & findings

Motor Installation
Correct installation of your motor at your site by Bradleys’ experienced staff provides a warranty for your motor for 1 year. Technicians will:
  • Adherence to Customer Specification Sheets
  • Ensure the mounting base is pristine
  • File the base feet to ensure a smooth surface, avoiding distortion of the frame
  • Re-test run outs & lift checks on driven equipment
  • Measure total end float on driven motor
  • Lubricate machine fits on motor & base mounting surfaces, reducing potential for rust
  • Perform scale rough alignment
  • Verify absence of frame distortion via soft foot check
  • Re-insulate to specifications
  • Reconnect all main leads, heating, bearing & winding temperature devices
  • Energize heaters & test amperage
  • Verify all temperature devices to ensure functionality
  • Lubricate all bearings
  • Inspect coupling surfaces before connection
  • Prepare motor for laser alignment procedure
  • On/Off Site Technical Support