Laser Alignment & Dry Ice Blasting

The need to make shafts parallel to one another, both opposing shafts (coupled) and side-by-side (sheave or pulley) is common in many industries. Proper alignment is essential to prevent wear of couplings, bearings, and ultimately, the motor itself. Bradleys provides the precision alignment of all planes for the most accurate shaft and coupling alignments in the shortest time possible.

Lasers are highly accurate and easy to use in aligning objects. Bradleys’ CSI-2130 saves time and strengthens accuracy of correct alignment.

In order to reduce bearing and seal damage, precise laser alignment is used to minimize energy loss, and reduces production downtime on a scheduled basis, creating better efficiency and performance.

The CSI-2130 allows an accurate measurement and stable alignment for any project. It controls the two shafts at the coupling, where power is transmitted. The laser beam transmits a sensitive detector and identifies errors, gaps and spaces to eliminate.

Bradleys’ offers quick alignment services. We have continuing support for all electric motors needs from maintenance and repair to prevention.


  • Increases Correct Alignment
  • Accurate Measurements
  • Catches and Eliminates Errors, Gaps, and Spaces

Dry Ice Blasting :

The dry ice blasting cleaning process is perferred over traditional methods such as sandblasting, solvents and steam cleaning. Done at your location, Dry Ice Blasting is used to clean motors; including air vents, of dust and other particulates as part of your preventative maintenance program. It is preferred to the use of chemicals, including solvents and water-based cleaning, because dry ice evaporates and just leaves the dirt for easy removal. The process uses dry ice, at very high speeds to lift the undesirable item off the surface of the underlying substrate and is non-flammable, and non-conductive, and not as abrasive as media blasting methods.

It is approved for use in the food industry and safe for the environment, while containing no secondary contaminants. It gently cleans surfaces; removing many oils, residues, dirt and contaminants. Overall, it is a clean and timely process without much disassembly. There are many industrial motors and equipment still in operation with CR and PB-based paints. Dry ice blasting will NOT remove paint.


  • Increase Productivity - Decreased downtime through "cleaning in-place."
  • A Dry Cleaning Process - Dry ice pellets vaporize immediately after contact with treated surface.
  • Faster and More Thorough Cleaning - High cleaning speeds and a variety of nozzles allow for quick cleans in even the most difficult to reach areas.
  • Elimination of Equipment Damage - Non-abrasive, surfaces remain unharmed by this gentle cleaning process.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Reduction or elimination of solvents with a non-toxic process.
  • Reductions in Waste Disposal - No waste products are produced and with only the coating being removed, cleanup is a simple sweep or vacuum.
  • Increased Safety
Dry ice pellets are accelerated by compressed air, which strike the surface at the speed of sound. This process cracks and loosens the surface that is being treated. The ice is able to permeate the coating; making it brittle and crack due to the low temperatures (-79 Degrees C/-110 Degrees F). The dry ice penetrates the coating and vaporizes, which lifts the coating.