13KV 1100HP Stator - 13KV Electric Motor Rewinding
Bradleys rewind expertise and strict adherence to ISO Quality Standards enable us to assess the overall physical aspects of the windings and the stator core. Photographs of windings are taken; accurate dimensions are measured and documented of the windings and core; and the stator core is tested and evaluated. Determination is made on whether the core integrity is good or if it can be improved. All care is taken to ensure the rewind is completed in a timely manner, passes all testing, and a visual inspection shows the winding auxiliary components such as wedges, blocking, surge rings, and connections are neat and in the right place. At Bradleys, we aspire for our rewind work to be better than the original.


  • Meet or Exceed Original Efficiency
  • Maintain integrity of the core
  • Cost Efficiency with Return on Investment
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