Investing to meet the demands of our industry and exceed our Customers’ expectations.

Bradleys’ has made significant investments to improve our quality, capabilities, processes, and efficiency. Our Management team is focused on monitoring and improving processes, efficiency, and communication with customers, along with quality, safety and the overall customer experience with Bradleys.

High Voltage Global VPI: A recent capability investment is the addition of the high voltage Epoxy Global VPI Resin. Von Roll Permafil 74050T epoxy resin has high temperature 180C Class H insulation properties and compliments the existing polyester global VPI Resin, Von Roll Permafil 724 has high temperature of 200C, Class H insulating properties. At Bradleys, customers have a choice based on their electric motor or generator needs.

FARO CMMs: Bradleys’ FARO CMMs is used for 3D inspection and documentation of a motor’s component surface such as measuring soft foot and verifying the component surface or diameter measurements are true.

Hands-On Training Center: Our newly renovated Training Center seats 40, is now equipped with and DC and AC [vertical and horizontal] motors, and many motor components for the hands-on repair experience in the classroom. Used for both Bradleys ISO 9001:2015 employee skill improvement and customer training led by the Bradleys Subject Matter Expert for the complete learning experience.

Real Time Job Condition Reports and Monitoring 24/7: Monitor your job as it progresses through the repair process via the web using your desktop or cell phone; order a new motor, manage your motor inventory, and have immediate access to any Condition Report, test data and Motor Repair Reports, no more waiting for an email. The Customer Portal is open 24/7, 365 days a year. During the repair, dedicated project managers are still in constant communication with you, providing reports with photos. Contact your Account Manager to sign-up for the Customer Portal.

why choose us?

Bradleys offers quality electric motor repair, rewinding, and horizontal and vertical motor load testing for small to ultra large motors at value-added rates, with quick turnaround to minimize downtime.

We have provided electric motor repair, rewinding and load testing on some of the largest motors in the world, both on and offshore, for over 90 years. Located in Gregory, TX, our state of the art, 110,000 sq. ft. facility is the largest, newest production shop of its kind in South Texas. Bradleys is ISO 9001:2015 certified, EASA Accredited and Green Motor Initiative Accredited.

Dedicated Project Managers are in constant communication with you, providing reports and photos daily as your project progresses through the repair process.



What We Offer

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